A new species of Loxosomatidae (Entoprocta, Solitaria) from the White Sea: Loxosomella unicornis sp. nov.

Publication Type:Journal
Year of Publication:2014
Authors:A. O. Borisanova, Krylova E. M.
Keywords:Cribrilina sp., Electra sp., epibiont, Loxosomella unicornis, new species

A new solitary entoproct, Loxosomella unicornis sp. nov., is described. The species was found on the gymnolaemate bryozoans Cribrilina sp. and Electra sp. in Kandalaksha Bay, White Sea. Loxosomella unicornis sp. nov. is a medium-sized species with a total length up to 650 μm, eight tentacles and a conspicuous horn-shaped appendage on the top part of calyx.

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